Earl Grey Tea Custard

  Maybe it's the conclusion of Downton Abbey. Maybe it's the weather, but lately we've found ourselves craving a strong cup of Earl Grey Tea. Developed in the Early 1800's, the recipe for Earl Grey blends Chinese black tea with oil of bergamot, an aromatic orange that grows along the Southern coast of Italy.
 According to a recent survey in the London Daily Telegraph, many Brits consider drinking Earl Grey as a sign of poshness. The blend was developed for Charles Grey, the second Earl Grey and British Prime Minister from 1830 to 1834. According to the Grey Family, a Chinese tea merchant added bergamot to black tea to cover up the heavy amounts of lime in the water at their country estate.
 At Hoosier Mama, we don't believe in putting on airs but we do believe in yummy flavors so we steeped our Rishi Earl Grey blend in cream and baked it in a custard. The resulting pie reminds us of a cuppa with generous amounts of cream and sugar.
 If you still prefer your Earl Grey in liquid form, our baristas in Evanston, reccommend a London Fog - Earl Grey  tea blended latte style with steamed milk. 





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