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Book of Pie

Instructional Videos !
The Chicago Tribune invited Paula into their test kitchen to do a pie crust demo. Grab your rolling pin and follow along!

Making Pie Dough (4:25)

Rolling Pie Dough (5:23)

Crimping Pie Dough (3:39)

Making, Rolling, & Crimping Pie Dough (13:04)

....and that's how WE roll.

Introducing the Hoosier Mama Book of Pie. We have been thinking a lot about pie for nearly 8 years now and thought it was time to write some of it down. We hope our experience hand making hundreds of pies each week will provide useful insights to any aspiring pie maker. In addition to sharing our recipes & methods, we've included lots of background information about our shop, our farmers, and our ingredients. Of course we added some pie history as well.

In Chapter 1:'Lessons from the Rolling Table' we teach you to make perfect pie dough and roll a perfect pie crust. Then we move on to crimps, cut-outs, lattices, & crumb shells. The pie recipes are organized into 'Farmers Market Pies' (by season of course), 'Creams, Curds, & Custards', 'Desperation Pies', 'Chess Pies', 'Over-the-Top Pies', 'Turnovers', 'Savory Pies', 'Quiches', and 'Hand Pies'.

Please save us a spot on your baking shelf (It's a hard cover book, 384 pages, and about 9.5" x 8.5"). The book is for sale at both our Chicago shop at 1618 W. Chicago Avenue and our Evanston shop at 749 N. Chicago Avenue. (Same street name - Different cities - About 10 miles apart!)

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