Baking Tips

Best tool for coring pears? Well, we used to use melon ballers which worked 'just okay' and had a tendancy to break. One night after our last melon baller broke at the beginning of processing a box of pears, we rumaged through our tool boxes and found a tomato corer (which looks like a toothy melon baller) and found it to be the perfect tool for the job. Just slice the pears in half and scoop out the seeds & core with ease.

Blind Baking Pie Shells - "Blind baking" is the term for prebaking a pie shell prior to adding the filling. The trick is to weigh down the crust to avoid air bubbles from forming. Nothing works better for blind baking a pie shell than a large coffee filter (basket style) filled with dried beans. The filter fits perfectly into a 9" pie shell and the beans can be re-used many times.

Avoiding soggy bottom fruit pies - Along with starting out with a good hot oven to set the crust we dust the bottom of the crust with a 50/50 mixture of flour & sugar. Around the pie kitchen it is referred to as "crust dust" and is always included in any fresh fruit pies.

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